ElectroMotion Energy has presented to Summerland Council and Staff a proposal to significantly reduce and even eliminate the District of Summerland Utility's Ratchet Fees (peak penalties) which have been increasing more than 30% annually - potentially saving the community some 15 Million dollars over the next decade.

As promised in an open letter by ElectroMotion's Founder & President which was submitted to the Summerland Review, the presentation to Summerland Council is being made available.

We have decided to make public the presentation and additional information because of information which we believe to be inaccurate and misleading towards the value and benefits to our community with deploying residential distributed generation Revolution technology. 

For the record, here is some background information:

For some supplemental background information which relates to the numerous benefits of distributed combined heat and power generation (which is part of the Revolution technology), see the following links which include references to GE Energy CHP: