ElectroMotion Energy Corporation is pleased to announce that Rocket Builders has selected us to be on the 2016 Cleantech Emerging Rockets list beating out more than 100 other candidates! Ready to Rocket is a unique business recognition list that profiles B.C. technology companies with the greatest potential for revenue growth.

Since 2003, the Ready to Rocket list has consistently predicted the revenue growth leaders and the companies most likely to attract investment.

To qualify for nomination, a company must be beyond the proof of concept stage, have customer validation, scalable demonstration project and have established industry relationships. An "Emerging Rocket" company is defined as a business entering the market and trying to establish a base of initial customers and its primary milestones are first sales, partnerships and investment. The company must also have a completed product offering and initial customers and were selected because they had a clear business model and a go-to-market strategy that will be attractive to early stage investors and early adopter customers.

This year is already turning out to be fantastic for ElectroMotion with the rest of 2016 looking stellar for our growth and go-to-market strategy.  Stay tuned for more announcements that will be made over the next few months as we rocket past the moon and beyond!