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We invite you to join the Revolution that will help you save energy costs and reduce the massive amount of wasted energy and thermal pollution contributing to our global environmental problems – lets revolutionize the world together!

The Revolution™ is a new category of cleantech HVAC technology called a Synergistic Energy Heat Pump™ (SEHP). This technology replaces conventional heating, cooling and hot water systems as an all-in-one unit… and generates electricity as a byproduct!

  • NEVER without electricity, heat or hot water even during power outages
  • ELIMINATES the ‘furnace room’ which eats up valuable living space
  • ELIMINATES thermal pollution and related emissions by up to 300%
  • GENERATES electricity as a byproduct which can make you GREEN (er, money!)

ElectroMotion Energy

Why Need A Revolution?

Did you know that globally, the majority of electricity is generated using thermal (heat) methods? Nuclear, coal, diesel, and even petrol ‘power’ stations are really ‘thermal’ stations spewing TRILLIONS of wasted heat pollution and emissions into the atmosphere – all day and all night!

The Revolution™ capitalizes on this lost heat, creating a more sustainable, energy efficient power source.

Save Up To


On Home Energy Costs

ElectroMotion’s patented processes, technology, and optimized energy efficiencies can save you up to 70% on your annual home energy costs.

ElectroMotion Energy



Providing electricity, heating, cooling, and hot water to your home, all while saving on energy and environmental costs.


Build energy efficient homes that harness waste heat, substantially reducing emissions and thermal pollution.


The Revolution™ reduces peak demand and creates a Virtual Power Grid.

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A technology that generates electricity as a byproduct when providing heat for your home would eliminate
global heat energy losses, costs and pollution. It could provide your home free heat and hot water.

A technology that ‘plugs & plays’ into the current electric grid and natural gas infrastructure at your home
could eliminate power outages and obtain a 3-to-1 energy, environmental and cost advantage ratio.

This technology exists and it is Revolutionary.

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