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Benefits of ElectroMotion

Energy saving

ElectroMotion Energy is revolutionizing the way we power homes. By capitalizing on the waste heat deficiency in current power grids, we can revolutionize communities. Learn how incorporating Revolutions into a development saves on energy and environmental costs with it’s innovative technology. 

  • Creates energy efficient, green, Smart Homes
  • NEVER without electricity, heating,
    cooling or hot water, even during power failures
  • ELIMINATES thermal pollution by 300%
  • ELIMINATES carbon monoxide poisoning
  • Works ANYWHERE – both hot and cold climates
Shave Peak Grid Demand
  • Shave peak demand by lowering strain on the electrical grid and selling electricity back to the utility
  • Eliminates need for pricy power infrastructure upgrades when electricity is locally generated and distributed 
  • Substantially lowers peak ratchet fees
Save Space
  • Outdoor installation eliminates the space-eating furnace room, therefore increasing total square footage
  • A fully accessible unit allows for easy service and maintenance
  • Features a clean, compact, and soundproof design

Competitive Features

See how the Revolution™ compares to other energy models.

How It Works

An all in one unit that combines heating, cooling, and hot water using a new technology called the Synergistic Energy Heat Pump™ (SEHP).

What is a Virtual Power Grid?

A Virtual Power Grid revolutionizes the way we distribute electricity. 

Energy Demand - The 70/30 Rule

The Revolution harnesses waste heat that's normally lost through our power grids, reducing peak demand.

Benefits For Everyone

Northern housing platform

ElectroMotion Energy's Northern Housing Platform is a revolutionary solution to critical and unique problems faced in Arctic and Northern communities. A Revolution Home will provide thousands in savings over it's lifetime, as well as reduce environmental impact and thermal pollution by almost 300%.

This portable housing solution can be constructed in a matter of days, at any time of year, while a similar sized home could take up to two years to construct. In addition, the Revolution™ was designed to withstand harsh winter conditions, even providing electricity and heat during power failures. Discover how ElectroMotion Energy can assist your community's housing needs while also saving on costs and reducing environmental impact.

Revolution Home Image


Cost Effective

Energy Efficient

Revolution Housing

Learn how the Revolution™ housing platform can transform your community.


Who we are

The People Power Platform participate in creating a disruptive and sustainable
energy-trading platform that deregulates and redefines the global energy
infrastructure network model, which has remained unchanged for over 130 years.

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