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a revolution beyond smart

For OVER 130 YEARS global utilities have operated a ‘one-way-only’ model for generating and distributing energy – it’s time to revolutionize things.

The Revolution™ is the disruptive technology that’s enabling the ‘MEGAWATTS’ to ‘NEGAWATTS’ paradigm shift, where the network becomes an energy trading platform.

It is Revolutionary to buy or trade energy with your friends.


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What are some of the benefits?
  • Cut down on repairing water heat and heat pumps.
  • Never again be without heat or electricity – even when the power fails.
  • Reduce your energy costs and environmental impact by up to 70%
  • Drive an electric car for free to save money and reduce your GHG emissions.
  • Transform and take back YOUR energy independence.
  • Revolutions start with the one – but societies are revolutionized together!
How does it work?

The Revolution™ combines off-the-shelf technologies with proprietary, unique, and patented processes and technologies developed by ElectroMotion—all within a hermetically insulated enclosure which provides an optimum environment and eliminates sound to keep neighbours happy.

Why deploy a ‘Virtual Power Grid’™ within your community?

Deploying sufficient Revolutions™ within a community creates a virtual and dynamic utility which collaboratively generates gigawatts of ’free’ electricity as a byproduct. All this is done while simply providing space heat and hot water to your home.

Every home becomes a ’micro power plant’ that generates electricity at a 3-to-1 energy and cost advantage—while also removing trillions of Btu thermal (heat) pollution and green house gases from our environment!

Does it guarantee energy?

The Revolution™ includes an automatic disconnect and reconnect system for interconnection with the electric utility system. It provides your home seamless heat and power energy—protecting you from outages even during a winter storm!

The Revolution interconnection has three redundant systems to prevent any ‘back feed’ of electricity to the utility during power outages. These systems also allow a ‘black start’ and other revenue-generating power producer clean energy advantages.

ElectroMotion Energy



The Revolution™ will provide more than 70% of your home’s energy (heating, hot water, electricity) in typically 30% of the time  — when you most need your energy.


The Revolution™ is easily installed using much of the same processes for installing an air conditioner, hot water boiler, or similar technology.


The Revolution™ includes an automatic disconnect and reconnect system for interconnection with the electric utility system. It provides seamless heat and power energy — protecting from outages even during a winter storm!

How It Works

What is a Virtual Power Grid?

a revolution beyond smart

Cost saving

A technology that generates electricity as a byproduct when providing heat for your home would eliminate
global heat energy losses, costs and pollution. Potentially, this would provide your home free heat and hot water. 

A technology that ‘plugs & plays’ into the current electric grid and natural gas infrastructure at your home
could eliminate power outages and obtain a 3-to-1 energy, environmental and cost advantage ratio.

This technology exists and it is Revolutionary.

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