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The ElectroMotion™ Revolution™ and Energy EcoSystem™ software combines conventional space heating, cooling, hot water, electrical, and energy management systems into a single, revolutionary unit which eliminates costs, increases home safety, and improves your bottom-line.

Homeowners, developers, builders, and utilities all benefit from having a Revolution™ operating onsite at the place where the energy is being demanded—at your home—and when the energy is most expensive to buy!

ELECTROMOTION ENERGY CORPORATION's combined heat and power (CHP) technology replaces the conventional heating, cooling, and hot water systems in a home with one complete unit: the Revolution™. The technology can be integrated into the design of a new home providing an embedded implementation of the Revolution™.

The ElectroMotion™ Revolution™ reduces energy costs, emissions, consumption and grid dependency by as much as 70% while also providing emergency electricity and heat for when the power fails.

Revolutionary Energy Usage & Savings

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The Revolution™ generates the type of energy a home needs (space heating and hot water) when it's most expensive-during peak-demand times.

The Revolution™ shares its electricity with the grid when it's heating your house, generating revenue and credits, delivering an unprecedented payback.

ELECTROMOTION ENERGY CORPORATION's patented proprietary combined heat and power (CHP) technology replaces your conventional heating, cooling, and hot water systems with a single unit, which will also provide onsite power generation to prevent loss of electricity when the power fails.

Our Revolution CHP delivers unprecedented reductions in energy consumption, carbon emissions, and costs for the residential site; and also for the electrical and gas utilities.

By integrating the embedded Revolution™ into the design of the home, significant cost savings can be realized. More useable floor space is available as the Revolution™ replaces conventional heating systems and hot water tanks, eliminating the need for a furnace room/boiler room. The Revolution™ can also be designed into the exterior structure of the building providing improved aesthetics without reducing the effectiveness of the unit.

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70/30 Energy Rule

More than 70% of the energy consumed by your home is for space heat and hot water-and the majority of that energy is only demanded 30% of the day-during the morning and evening peak periods! The Revolution™ uses this fact to its advantage and reduces your home's electrical and natural gas utility consumption.

Turning Peak Energy Demand Into Revenue

Some 60% of the residential energy that is consumed is for space heat-with hot water accounting for about 18%! The Revolution™ uses small amounts of fuel (such as natural gas or propane) to make heat and electricity to match your energy demands-generating the electricity, space heating and hot water you need during expensive peak demand periods.

The Revolution™ is modular & scalable in design and provides integration with Smart Meters and energy programs such as Net Metering and Time Of Use billing which will save you money.

The Revolution™ greatly reduces your power purchases at a time when it is most expensive-peak grid demand and even allow you to sell surplus electricity to generate revenue for your home (if available in your area)!

Revolutionary Operating Processes

The core genius of the Revolution™ is that when your home needs its energy, the Revolution™ generates the type of energy where you need it-at your home!

This ‘energy-where-I-need-it' ability reduces energy efficiency losses and costs at your home, while also benefiting the utility infrastructure and systems. The Revolution™ will provide more than 70% of your home's energy (heating, hot water, electricity) typically 30% of the time-when you most need your energy.

The embedded Revolution™ technology can be a key differentiator in your development project. To get more information, please e-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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